High Performance Computing for your need - be it small or large

Based on innovative algorithm/software/hardware co-design concepts that were pioneered in a number of collaborative projects with the Microsoft, University of Basel, ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne, and supported by the Swiss National Research Foundation and Microsoft Innovation Cluster for Embedded Software (ICES), we have implemented a highly scalable framework for solving signal/image processing challenges requiring high performance computing at multiple scales. We scale solutions from a custom PC up to parallel solutions on multicore PCs, to high performing clusters of PCs, or to super-performing arrays of general purpose graphics cards (GPGPUs); on the other side, we offer to scale high performance computing down to embedded, low-cost, but high performance FPGA designs running on a broad range of current FPGAs, even suited for the wearable electronic gadget you are designing.

Alternatively, we offer you the possibility to outsource your computing hardware completely to our Cloud Computing Infrastructure using the Internet. This will reduce your investment cost, and allows you to keep up with the technical development without effort. Also, this allows developing of new, exciting, extremely slim devices and appliances which still profit from the state of the art of the computing technologies.


  • Multidimensional scalar and vector/tensor data reconstruction (3D/4D/5D), with a focus on medical imaging (multidimensional reconstruction of Computer Tomography, Medical Ultrasound, Optical Imaging)
  • Super-resolution imaging down to the Nano-world from various microscope image modalities, in multiple dimensions
  • Signal processing, e.g. High-Quality De-Noising, Signal Detection, Signal Feature Extraction, Signal Source Separation applied to the data acquired by various types of sensors, including multichannel electro-cardiographic and electro-encephalographic signals and other signal modalities.
  • High-Performance multidimensional data compression exploiting multidimensional data coherence and structure.

Reduce your Time-To-Market and improve your Product Quality

Our team of engineers brings together a broad knowledge in applied mathematics, digital signal processing, algorithm development, operating system and FPGA application design. In their former academic carreers, our engineers published pioneering algorithms and record-breaking solutions, published in first class scientific papers, which flow now into highly performing products.
Ongoing collaborations with leading universities and high schools assure to remain at the leading edge of science. This comprehensive know-how allows you to tap the state of the art in computational sciences, develop high quality - high performing computational solutions, and shorten the time to market for your products.

A European solution

Outsourcing your high performance needs to a Quality Company in Switzerland, in the center of Europe, also allows you to circumvent the known problems with communication, quality, reliability and risk of loss of intellectual property known from outsourcing technology development to other locations in the world.